6 tips to getting the body that you want

Getting the body you want can be difficult. A lot of girls quickly become demotivated when they don’t see improvements within a few weeks, sometimes turning to dangerous measures in order to get to their goal faster. Many also feel pressured by society to look a certain way. Getting that body that YOU want shouldn’t be about societies expectations but should be about feeling happy, healthy and confident in yourself. I have come up with 6 easy steps to help you get that body.

1) Healthy eating:

No matter how much exercise you do, you won’t get to your goal as fast unless you eat correctly. Personally, I still don’t manage to eat my 5 a day no matter how much I try! However, I have made certain changes in my life to make my diet healthier. Cutting out sugar such as fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate is the first step (not all at once though as your body won’t cope). Also, there is a big misconception that carbs are the enemy. This isn’t the case! The likelihood is you’re eating the wrong kind of carbs. Instead, switch to wholemeal bread, pasta and wraps. Lastly, make sure protein is a part of your diet; eat fish, chicken and eggs- they’re so easy to cook with some veg on the side. I am also a big fan of the MyProtein snack section. They offer a huge variety of foods which are healthy but so tasty (they also have regular offers.)blog 1

2) Waist trainers and detox teas are a NO GO

Recently I have seen many celebrities advertising both waist trainers and detox teas but there’s no scientific evidence to suggest they actually work. In fact, more scientists would say that they do more harm than good. They appear to have no long-lasting results in terms of your fitness and body goals. Waist trainers can squeeze your internal organs together (I don’t really need to tell you that isn’t good). As for detox teas, many contain laxatives, that make you think you’re getting rid of all that bad stuff in your body. But these laxatives can only be safely used for a week at a time with medical supervision. This means that those 28-day detox teas can actually severely damage your insides when used for long periods of time. The best way to detox is to change your diet!

3) Find a routine that works for you and your needs

When you don’t enjoy a certain workout routine or type of workout, then it can cause you to leave the gym in a bad mood and feeling demotivated to return. Not only this but you should be doing different workouts depending on your body type. I personally have never enjoyed cardio and so only do small amounts and instead, do strength and conditioning training and incorporate ab workouts in my routine. This means, not only do I enjoy my workouts it also focuses on my goal of toning up.

4) Don’t focus on the number on the scales

The number on the scale doesn’t really matter. You could be healthier and losing body fat but still weigh the same or sometimes more than when you started. I don’t focus on what I weigh but more on how I look and feel about myself. If my jeans feel a little looser than that’s good! I don’t actually know how much I weigh… I haven’t weighed myself in almost a year!

5) Don’t give up when you skip some days

Somedays it can be hard to find the motivation to workout. You may be feeling ill or just having a bad day. Whether you are ill, injured or having a hard time of it, don’t push yourself as it can be more detrimental to your body and your fitness. Make sure you’re well rested and 100% you again before you start back at it. In the same way, don’t give up if you have a bad week on your diet. There are weeks when I have a night out, try to sober up by eating chips and then the next day eat a Burger King or McDonald’s. But I never see it as a reason to give up!

6) Cheat days for the win!

Similarly to my last point, both myself and my fitness fanatic boyfriend always have a cheat day a week. We usually order a Dominos pizza, wedges and their amazing cookies (I also have a glass of wine… or two). Cheat days should be part of a balanced diet in my opinion, just so long as you eat well for the rest of the week.

I hope these tips help you as they did for me. Remember, your goals should be aimed at making a healthier lifestyle for yourself, not conforming to society.

Love Laura xx


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