Why is it important to talk?

Initially, I was going to dedicate this blog post to talk about physical fitness. Instead, I want to focus on mental health as this is as (if not more…) important than physical health.

I saw on the news that the royals (and the likes of Lady Gaga) are coming together to share the importance of talking about your mental health. It is such an important topic, that affects so many people globally. I am happy that it is being talked about by such high-profile people!

A striking statistic I heard on the news today said that the biggest killer of men under 40 in the UK is suicide. That’s scary.

In a world where social media can warp our brains and make us doubt our every move, it’s important to talk. Talk to your family, friends or boyfriend, your colleagues or even your boss. It can help you, at the very least, release some anger. They may even have some handy advice.

Don’t turn away from the ones that love you. It can be hard to let them in; you may just want to be alone or you may think they don’t understand you or they can’t help. This isn’t the case! Sometimes letting people in is all the remedy you need.

Whether you feel lonely, anxious, depressed or suicidal, there is always someone who will listen, who will understand, who will help you to forget. It is important to let people in, no matter how hard it is. It does not make you weak, in fact, it does the opposite. Talking is the best way to fight mental illness.


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