Why everyone should try HIIT and weight training

High Intensity Interval Training seems to be the next big Instagram workout craze and the hype isn’t wrong! No matter what your body type and no matter what your goals, you need to incorporate HIIT into your workouts.

HIIT is a form of workout which is much more fun than staring at the same dot on the wall whilst running on the treadmill. Studies have also shown that 15 minutes of HIIT is more effective than jogging for an hour on the treadmill.

This type of training incorporates so many different exercises and you perform these in high intensity, small bursts, rest for a minute and then perform the next. It helps in burning fat and it’s actually so much fun to do. It really makes you sweat but that’s just a sign of hard work.

A lot of people, including myself, use weights in HIIT workouts. This is an even greater way of burning off that fat. And girls, I know what you’re thinking: Ew weights, I don’t want to be all muscly and look like a man! You’d be wrong to think that! Most workout influencers on Instagram use weights in most of their workouts and don’t they look amazing? The only way you will look muscly like a man is if your diet is specifically tailored to help you bulk! Also using weights doesn’t just help you burn fat during your workout but it also burns more fat and calories in the next 24 hours after your workout than any cardio workout! So stop worrying girls and pick up those weights.

So if you want to tone up your stomach then use weights. If you want to get a stronger heart do HIIT and if you want to get that squat booty get squatting those weights (high weight and low reps help you get there a little bit faster- but don’t expect that to come overnight!)



Top tips

  • Remember to start on low weights if you are just starting out, this way you can get a base level of your strength and capabilities.
  • Always warm up and stretch before you do HIIT and weight training as it can be so easy to pull muscles and cause injuries.
  • Consult a doctor before you start if you have any heart issues or joint problems.

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